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From's Michael Roderick:

BWW Special Feature: 99 and Under the Radar; Shakespearean Summer Gems:

Now, on to the new kids on the block. Snorks and PiƱs is a New Theatre Company is comprised of a group of talented performers and they serve as a nice reminder that audiences can still be wowed with simply some phenomenal actors and text and not much else. Their last production of As You Like It was in a small theatre where the actors had little more than a strip of stage space with audience on either side and yet it felt as if they had a space the size of central park. This is due in no small part to director Gillian Riley's clever and adept staging of the piece. Entrances and exits were handled by characters standing up or sitting down in costume while slipping into their next character. The space itself allowed for a truly intimate experience with a very clever nod to the audience on the all too familiar "All the world's a stage" speech. During this moment all of the actors sit center and just choose different audience members to make eye contact with. It was a very intelligent moment of staging and a great moment for the audience. The cast was also very good, especially Timothy Goodwin's Duke Frederick who spends every one of his scenes eating something and acting completely nonchalant about everything he says. This is particularly effective in the moment of Rosalind's banishment which is handled with no more gravitas than "go to your room". Also quite impressive is Gwenevere Sisco who moves from the doofy William to the love struck Phebe with grace and charm and then just as quickly switches back again. The entire cast is to be commended for making such magic in such a tiny space. Rounded out with lovely original compositions by David Mallamud, this was a show that was a real treat for the audience.