Friday, February 06, 2009

post 540. my favorite childhood book.

when i was a kid, i read the good spy guide's disguise & make-up (as well as the accompanying books catching crooks and secret messages) over and over: i made false beards, fashioned a secret pocket on the inside of my belt, and was writing in codes galore. of course, i was quite the amateur; my parents - regardless of how well i disguised myself or altered my walk to appear as someone else - always knew it was me, and that i was supposed to take out the trash.

post 539. leaving rochester.

post 538. tim takes on bristol mountain; no injuries reported.

maria was kind enough to offer her skills as a skier in order to help me learn the ancient sport of skiation. we packed up for a trip to bristol mountain, took to the slopes, and rocked it.