Sunday, November 29, 2009

post 680. strolling through philadelphia.

pam and i found ourselves in philly on a friday night; after missing the bar we went to town to look for, we grabbed an adult beverage at devon. the drinks braced us for an improvised evening in the city of brotherly love. we took a pilgrimage to the museum of art, so we could get a look at the rocky statue.

on our way back to the car, we saw a fight. so, you want good people-watching, go check out con murphy's. fools and drinks galore.

post 679. out with the 'rents.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

post 667. living colour at the highline ballroom.

it's very important to have a good concert buddy. hepcat and i have seen many a fine concert together: jurassic 5 in toronto, living colour in buffalo, gorillaz in toronto. so when my old fellow BER dj wondered aloud on facebook a while back if i'd be up for seeing living colour in new york city, how could i resist?

and even if he hadn't's living colour. how could i resist? we nerded out and set up shop right in front of v, took our nerdy pictures, and waited around like nerds to see them afterwards. and you know? it was a lot of fun.

little side note: who do i see walking up 7th avenue the next day? none other than doug wimbish. i broke the unspoken nyc rule (let the celebs be) and gave a polite, "great show last night." he said thanks. living colour. best band ever.

post 666. was this supposed to be about anything else?