Monday, December 21, 2009

post 688. trouble at macy's.

my associate emily and i, trying to get shopping done for our respective significant others / family, went into macy's yesterday (my first appearance into macy's long storyline) so i could see the champion of the department store olympics. decorations, a throng of holiday merry-shoppers, wooden escalators. and if you think there are too many starbucks in manahatta, then you can take respite: macy's has only one starbucks per floor.

of course, this is also the day that macy's has a fire. we see the smoke on the third floor, but it seems pretty mild, as far as conflagrations go. i mean, a little smoke. anyone who knows the people who live above me can tell you that my cooking produces more smoke than the silliness at macy's yesterday, and it certainly didn't look to be as bad as the news made it out to be this morning, what with the video of the heroic fire fighter escorting the coughing (U.E.S.-looking) matron out the front doors.

we move on, wandering through the store upwards to the ninth floor. kids stand in line on the fourth floor to see santa, and they're in a haze. someone says that the problem started in the shoe department. then, another few floors up, the story has developed into someone having tried to burn a security tag off some expensive clothing item. of course, the fact that there are countless employees and technicians standing and pointing at one of the regular metal escalators on the third floor, all on various walkie-talkies and phones makes the culprit seem pretty obvious: terrorist gremlins.

so by the time we make it to the top - gorgeous hard-wood floors - the alarms go off: the fdny wants everyone out of the building. and who does all the running? macy's employees. our thinking (in ambling towards the top of the building with the fire in it) is that if the fire was really, truly bad, they would have evacuated us a lot sooner, right? and a lot more people would have been running. and everything would look like some metal video from 1985. of course, i'm sure the train of thought we were on was the same train of thought people on the titanic were on. you know, "oh, that was just turbulence. i'm sure there's nothing to worry about."

we join a groggling mass of people making our way down the back stairs, and pour out into the streets of manhattan. all's well. and countless shoppers make their way to the next destination, simply crowding another store, telling of the time they were at macy's and a fire broke out, and two morons who thought they were above it all went deeper and deeper into it.

post 687. the snows come to new york city.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

post 680. strolling through philadelphia.

pam and i found ourselves in philly on a friday night; after missing the bar we went to town to look for, we grabbed an adult beverage at devon. the drinks braced us for an improvised evening in the city of brotherly love. we took a pilgrimage to the museum of art, so we could get a look at the rocky statue.

on our way back to the car, we saw a fight. so, you want good people-watching, go check out con murphy's. fools and drinks galore.

post 679. out with the 'rents.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

post 667. living colour at the highline ballroom.

it's very important to have a good concert buddy. hepcat and i have seen many a fine concert together: jurassic 5 in toronto, living colour in buffalo, gorillaz in toronto. so when my old fellow BER dj wondered aloud on facebook a while back if i'd be up for seeing living colour in new york city, how could i resist?

and even if he hadn't's living colour. how could i resist? we nerded out and set up shop right in front of v, took our nerdy pictures, and waited around like nerds to see them afterwards. and you know? it was a lot of fun.

little side note: who do i see walking up 7th avenue the next day? none other than doug wimbish. i broke the unspoken nyc rule (let the celebs be) and gave a polite, "great show last night." he said thanks. living colour. best band ever.

post 666. was this supposed to be about anything else?

Friday, October 23, 2009

post 661. excited. very, very excited.

post 660. bringing rochestarians together.

post 659. i help george and rodrigo.

george and rodirogo (or i constantly refer to them, "g'n'r") gave me a ring and asked if i wanted to come help them out at a charity event for operation smile being given at nikki beach, in midtown manhattan. seems like one of their friends runs the uber-successful "2 chicks with chocolate" and needed a little video production, and g'n'r's production company mind-bending pictures was there to cover it in hd.

fashion show? string quartet? fancy-pants dining? the opportunity to play around with my camera and drop witty bon-mots? it all sounded good to me.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

post 658. one dinosaur's true origin.

this amazing piece of archaeology was

Sunday, October 11, 2009

post 653. the smoke joint, fort greene.

mary ellen brought me along to a nice dance-thingy at bam called "decreation," choreographed by william forsythe. hot business, very good; nothing makes one feel as cultured as one can by seeing modern dance in new york city. and the bbq we had afterwards? at the smoke joint? also hot business, and also very good.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Monday, October 05, 2009

post 650. from the way-back machine.

i'm trying to use flickr like a back-up for all my...well...a bunch (at least) of my pictures. so i'm having a bit of fun going through old pictures, as i'm sure anyone does, and uploading them.

back in 2k1 i went down to new york city armed only with a poor sense of direction (i remember turning down some unfriendly-looking streets in the bronx, leaning out the window at one point to ask someone, "do you know how i get to the bronx zoo?") and my first dinky little digital camera; i stayed with my buddy eric and saw the reunited living colour. mmm mmm, good? oh yes: mmm mmm, good.

...and how was the aforementioned show? mtv news said some nice things...back here.

post 649. neat-o.

some pretty awesome retro-looking movie