Thursday, July 17, 2008

post 476. casting moby dick.

reading moby dick has turned out to be much easier than i thought; after hearing everyone and their mom tell me it was a long, laborious book, i was loaded for bear; only to find out that it's quite funny. of course, this might have something to do with my imagination's casting charlie day as ishmael. seems strange? melville has a good ear for humor, and charlie is perfect as the everyman narrator. so perfect, i think, that i've caught myself daydreaming of making tons of money and filming the book verbatim (and try as i might, i cannot find the same mental discipline to have danny devito in ahab's shoes; my brain always pictures patrick stewart). of course, for the theatrical release, it'll be cut down to the action, but i envision a dvd with so many extras...oh, man.

for example: the snoring chapter where ishmael tries to catagorize all the whales? we'll film that in the ship's hold., ishmael will be giving a sort-of lecture to the ship's dimmer complement, and drawing the different types of whales on a rudimentary chalk board. and while it's obvious that ishmael is a pretty decent scholar, perhaps he's not a good artist, so all the whales look alike. hilarious, no?

clear your schedule in a year or two, mr. day - your chance at oscar gold will come when i make enough money and garner enough hollywood muscle to film moby dick.

post 475. *sigh* i miss scissorfight.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

post 472. you know what gets better every time i see it?

pop and i stayed up late (for him) last night and watched the matador, which gets better and better every time i see it. pierce? way to go, man.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

post 470. the summer project.

post 469. at j & m special effects, brooklyn.

while picking up a $130 box of six break-away wine bottles, we asked the kids working in the warehouse: what's the coolest thing you have here? without hesitation, the tall one answered, "guns." the other, taking a moment, replied, "we once had this machine that made fifteen-foot high coloured flames."

ah, if only i had massive amounts of disposable income.