Wednesday, May 09, 2007

post 345. piles in ms. westra's new apartment.

post 344. last days at brockport.

my term at brockport is done, for the time being, as i move on to lake george and climes beyond. my advanced class's show, as i've mentioned, went very well, and the final two weeks of class with my beginner's level - where they do scenes to prove they know what they're doing - went pretty darn good too.

my favorite part of the scenework finals are the one-liners that, taken out of context, make absolutely no sense, but were pretty darn funny in class:

"i don't need boxes, i got totes."
"you have crop circles in your basement."
"my cow died, i don't need your bull."

blasts from the past: bishop and todd stop by to wish me farewell.

ms. nancy, the now-former secretary of the theatre department. class act all the way. she's retiring this year; so we're both leaving, but for different reasons.