Wednesday, August 23, 2006

post 307. planes rides and nieces.

mean muggin' with hannah.

stephanie gets haley ready for a day on the town.

tuesday evening at o'hare.

post 306. last night in new orleans.

after taking a picture of us, robert said we were the first people to ask him to take their picture since moving to the new cafe du monde on vets. so naturally we had to take another picture with him in it. riz (sorry, buddy, for my aim), robert, art, febreeze.

boogah gets his chew on.

aunt trudy does a little home cookin.'

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

post 305. new orleans, 8.21.

my first bar, dixie taverne, in mid-city. if you look close enough, you can see the water line through the middle of the sign, above my head.

the organization that gave me a 2.9 gpa. go privateers, etc etc.

the 9th ward's new temporary levee. this is the area that busted open and let the mississippi rush through like reggie bush though opponent's defensive lines. there are signs all around the area asking for witnesses to the event; but seeing the houses here i would have to imagine that if you were across the street from this breaking open, you weren't long for this world no matter what you saw or heard. all the following pictures are from the ninth ward, which jessica and riz said wasn't looking as bad as it did; there are construction vehicles around and a lot of bulldozed lots.

jessica and i start our day reproducing a bad marvin sease album cover at the joint. ...always Smokin'

Monday, August 21, 2006

post 304. new orleans, 8.20

the gang - including ma and pa daigle - at tiffin inn.

mimi's in the marigny district.

the water line on a house on loyola.

the falstaff brewery.

aunt trudy, kate, scott, eli, and uncle larry.

scott watches over eli and kate.

sunday mornings of donuts and choco.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

post 303. new orleans, 8.18, 19.

myron and fayard exchange digits at molly's in the quarter.

riz, scott, myron, and i outside the balcony.

palmer, jessica, and riz at the balcony on magazine saturday night.

me at rue de la course on magazine saturday night.
scott at rue. the scene? dead. everyone was apparently at the coffee shop across the street.

one of the katrina cottages. apparently, someone approached st bernard's parish (and fema) and said they could make these small, two-story houses for twenty thousand dollars less than the fema trailers. fema said they'd stop helping if st bernard's parish began using them. the best part about these? two stories, privacy, and there are modules you can add to it at a future date to make it a real, like, home. much more dignity than a fucking trailer.

uncle larry in his office at nunez community college in st bernard's parish. he's nominated for p-tech's (process technologies) teacher of the year award, a national award.

us at the mill friday night / saturday morning. nick, jessica, fayard, erica, laurie, febreeze, scott, jessica, and palmer.

fayard and laurie.

daigle and palmer, post snakes on a plane. it really, honestly, wasn't all that bad. a pre-fab cult movie, sure, but it did what it was supposed to do.

jonathon - riverdale's shining speech and debate prodigy, and erica.

myron - a minister and member of the christian varisty interfaith system - and his wife alyssa...who...uh...i forgot what she does. because i'm a jerk.


disguises with kate.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

post 302. new orleans, 8.17.

boogah and kate's feet.

uncle larry makes me one of the m.r.e.'s he had left over from the month he lived without power after hurricane katrina. aunt trudy stayed with family in baton rouge during the time.

kate and uncle larry.

riz picks me up from the airport and we grab some eats at the jukebox in kenner. the first sign of hurricane damage: a busted up pizza hut we passed on the way.