Saturday, July 22, 2006

post 296. rizmo's visit.

at the whispering pines mini-golf.

riz, me, johnny, and matt after the show.

johnny hickman, wednesday night.

david lowery of cracker, wednesday night at water street.

Friday, July 21, 2006

post 295. mr big pants videos.

our first attempt at making a "commercial" for our mr. big pants show on july 25th at boulder coffee co. (8:00 pm, free.)

...and a video kevin leas took of our last show:

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

post 293. fourth in churchville.

karen and pat had me over for a fourth of july that had it all. all, i tells you.

karen in the kitchen.

dr. mclaren, before his miraculous come-from-behind jarts victory with pete.

trying to hit the stop sign.

jarts, the outlawed game!

like a captain on the deck of his ship - mr. baitchman.

dr. baitchman.

lucy relaxes.

pat and brandi prepare for the day.

post 292. fourteen years after 2/2 manny on the dark side.

2/2 and i were in two creative writing classes together in high school. it's actually pretty rad getting to a point in your life when you can say, "i haven't seen you in 14 years." ran into him at richmond's.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

post 291. from the times picayune, may 10 1993.

more stuff from the massive cleaning out of my place: back in 1993 i was working at the real superstore, a huge grocery store on airline highway, and part of a chain of stores in louisiana. the union went on strike, but it was such a small percentage of the employees that the only way you knew about it was the small picket line you had to cross to get to work. a scene out of hoffa it wasn't. so an advertising campaign was started, promoting the fact that 88% of the employees were still on the job.

the funny thing about this shoot was that it was the first day i had my contact lenses. the doctor told me: have them in for an hour today, two hours the next, so when i went out to this photo shoot, scheduled only for an hour, i thought i could just, you know, wear them for the shoot. one scheduled hour became eight. not very comfortable.

i recognize a bunch of people, most prominent being shawn kelly, a good friend of mine through college. time to look up his number.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

post 290. last week at the zoo.

post 289. saturday night.

gnarls barkley running through my head all day, getting ready for a saturday night nascar race - the pepsi 500; excited that i've actually found out about it before looking for a race on sunday afternoon. archive today, stupid, childish silliness always helping the day move along faster. and then i find out has posted some pretty rad videos of trent and peter murphy swingin' it (including a performance of "final solution," one of my favorite songs)...

...the only thing that could make tonight better? pizza. and even though we had pizza for lunch - piatza's has this country sweet chicken pizza that's so good it gives one an idea of what it must have felt like to be the first person on the moon - there's always room for more.