Thursday, September 29, 2005

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

post 135. look what i bought today.

"Released in 2004, Houses of the Molé was a monster built from "N.O.W."'s genetic material. The album didn't couch its cynical nihilism in sarcastic thrash acid, as Ministry did with Psalm 69. Instead it was a bruising antiestablishment spokesthing that hammered away at George W. Bush's America lyric by lyric, song by song. Al Jourgensen stays on message with 2005's Rantology. Using a mishmash of remixed classics, live material, and one new song, "Great Satan" (one guess who he thinks that is), Jourgensen has created a shrill blast of aural protest art with one enemy in mind. There are so many W soundbites on Rantology, the president should probably get a credit as a collaborator. All of them are contextualized to embarrass, to vilify, to indict Bush in the court of Uncle Al. The famous "I'm George W. Bush, and I approved this message" campaign tag opens the set, matched to a remix of Molé's "No W"; later he's heard to recite Psalm 23 over a swirling Wagnerian chorus and steadily building tension. The original "N.O.W." is remixed here, too, updated to include both President Bushes over the jagged percussion and Jourgensen's proto-metal yawp. "Stigmata" and "Jesus Built My Hotrod" are revisited on Rantology, too, but Jourgensen doesn't alter them that much. That's probably a good thing: they were dirty and vicious enough already. In contrast, selections from weaker Ministry efforts, like Dark Side of the Spoon's "Bad Blood," add little to the set. Since he retooled Ministry as a culture war battering ram, it's been Jourgensen's angriest words and beats that resonate most; Rant could've used more of that industrialized anger alongside its manipulated Bushisms. The collection might have also found different, unreleased live material to include. Still, the three selections from 2002's Sphinctour are sufficiently loud and more than a little creepy. "I feel like my heart is being touched by Christ," a little girl whispers over "Psalm 69"'s slamming guitar and mechanized blast beats, and she sounds like a zombie. "Thieves" is also strong, where Jourgensen seems possessed by anger. In fact, he seems possessed by anger throughout Rantology. World changers, bad livers, and progressive punks rejoice: Ministry's pissed-off stamina hasn't abated."

post 134. available soon for bumpers everywhere.


Sunday, September 25, 2005

post 133. a visit from teri and jon.

post 132. a few pictures from the ol' lg6100.

mark and jessica at the archive. Posted by Picasa

ben at the archive. Posted by Picasa

dana at the post "destroy all improvisors!" tournament party down at dad's garage in atlanta georgia. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

post 130. three reasons why i like working at record archive today.

_1_the boss gave me a play copy of nine inch nails' [only] remix 12"...
_2_...and she also gave me the play copy of the suicide girls: the first tour dvd.
_3_the opportunity to make fun of juggalos. stupid juggalos.

post 129. revenge of the tv.

look man, i grew up on television. macgyver, a-team, dangermouse, 227, the cosby show, airtwolf, street hawk, probe...i finally realized i had to get out of it. so i stopped watching tv in, like...1998. by that time i had planned my entire life around the hour of the simpsons that fox had on at 6 pm. so. [wiping hands.] i'm out, right? just NASCAR on the weekends. and all those shows people keep saying are great? hmph. i've got the office (the original british version) on dvd, i don't need nothing else. but then i got my hands on lost season 1 on dvd. this past saturday. hell, i thought it was gilligan's island part 2. but suddenly it's got all this lynch/twin peaks shit going name was earl was on last night, and that was funny as heck...and i'm still pining for news of something or anything about hell's kitchen season to come under control...must watch all episodes of lost before...tonight's season premiere...plotting how to watch my name is earl every week....ack!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

post 128. persona non grata.

The Urban Dance Squad's penultimate album was also its most heavily metal-influenced. "Demagogue," the album's opener and centerpiece, is an utterly bracing concoction of raw-throated rap and spare, bright metal guitar, all underlaid with minimalist funk drums. That formula remains basically unaltered throughout the rest of the album — "Good Grief," "(Some) Chitchat" and "Selfstyled" all step to the same stripped-down hip-hop beat. It starts sounding pretty samey by the end, of course, but taken in measured doses, the funky beats are guaranteed to move your booty, while the roaring guitars clear your sinuses. It's too bad DJ DNA was no longer in the band by this point; his turntable scratching would have given a welcome additional dimension to the sound. Bonuses abound: like the original release, this one features two hidden tracks, one a remix and the other a live version of "Demagogue." This reissue also adds a bonus live disc.

post 127. old pictures from the recesses of record archive's computer.

me and vernon reid, me in a cop car. i'm pretty bored here at work today.

post 126. maybe i should just start calling myself "domingo wit."

so. i signed an equity contract with geva theatre center for shear madness, meaning i'm now a union actor. the only problem is, they're telling me that i'll probably have to pick a different name, since "tim goodwin" is no doubt taken. i asked my dad if they had any other choices for my name, and he suggested "t. christopher goodwin," but on the condition that i wear an ascot. i guess i'll try "timothy goodwin," maybe "timothy c. goodwin" -- giving a logical synergy with this blog -- but let's say those are taken as well...then what?

i took a look on and looked for tim goodwin. he was in "instinct"...but then there's a slew of sound-alikes: tom goodwin (who works in sound production), kim goodwin (make-up in "happy, texas"), jim goodwin (composer for "some girl")...we should have a convention. and how 'bout that guy over elvis' right shoulder in "Bubba Ho-Tep?" his name is timothy e goodwin. that's cutting it a little close.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

post 125. digging a hole.

where would you come out if you dug straight through the earth? here's how to find out.

post 124. my first quiz on johnstone's "notes on myself."

1_what are the three rules of improv?
2_to johnstone, what do bad teachers do?
3_after that whole "tyre-marks"-thing, what did johnstone realize about education?
4_give one example of how johnstone taught the "uneducable" class at battersea.
5_why wouldn't johnstone like my giving this quiz?
bonus_why is tim so darn handsome?

Sunday, September 11, 2005

post 122. no, seriously.

jeff gordon's inability to make it into the chase for the nextel cup has me really depressed. i suppose i'd root for rusty and mark martin, or maybe even tony stewart, but i probably won't watch any of it. nuts.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

post 121. my apotheosis of greatness for the week.

listening to old shadow radio programs on cassette. orson wells as the shadow? awesome.

post 120. lancaster finally makes friends...with the wrong people.

there was a light coming from the behind the barn and i found lancaster out there, looking for something on the ground with a flashlight. * i know it was here before, he said, without looking at me. * i asked him what it was he was looking for. * a jewel, he said, a jewel with fantastic luck. * luck, i asked. * yes, he said, still looking around the ground, it will bring me all the luck i need when i go to battle the ingatians. * what? i asked. who are the…in…whatevers? i looked back at the house. mom would be looking for us now, since dinner had been ready and she thought eating cold food was the work of the devil. * the ingatians, he continued, are the people who live below the barn. * i rolled my eyes. under the barn, are they? i asked. i put my hand on his shoulder, trying to lead him towards the house. as soon as i laid my hand on him he shook it off violently. * i need the jewel, he hissed, and for the first time, i noticed his right eye was puffy and crusted with dried blood. * lancaster, i said, what the hell happened to you? where have you been all day? * he returned to scouring the ground with the flashlight and said the ingatian diplomat that had been sent to see him punished him for disobeying the laws of the barn. * look, i said, knock it off. who punched you? let’s get back to the house…you know mom’s gonna give us hell for being late for dinner… * he abruptly cursed at me, hit me over the head with the flashlight, and ran off into the corn field. i fell holding my head and cried out for him but he was already through the stalks. i tried following the bounce of his flashlight but after a few minutes of running after him i lost it. crickets. moon full, i put my hands on my knees and tried to catch my breath. i decided to turn back and get mom. then i heard something breaking down stalks on either side of me. * are you cranix? a voice asked, the sound of it like the droning wheeze of a large machine. do you have the jewel? it continued. * who’s there, i yelped. lancaster? * then the objects bounded away, and in the moonlight i saw, for the first time, the thin, extended bodies of the ingatians as they leaped twenty feet in the air towards the house. towards the house and mom.

Friday, September 09, 2005

post 119. my apartment, my office.

post 118. anticipation is making me wait.

"Sanctuary Records releases RaNtologY September 27, 2005, celebrating Ministry's 25 Years of Service. The 15-track release features redux, remixes and alt mixes by Al Jourgensen and the previously unreleased 'The Great Satan,' heralding the forthcoming 2006 Ministry release Rio Grande Blood."

Monday, September 05, 2005

post 116. destroy all improvisors!

a great time in atlanta: yours truly and fellow gci-er adam flank edmonton improvisor chris after the last night of the improv tournament. more and once i get more sleep, i'll be posting more pictures to my new, fancy flickr